Powow is the revolutionary new way for you to have meetings with anyone, anywhere in the world, at anytime.

It’s a unique, online face to face experience that gives you the power to share ideas in a high quality, controlled environment that’s so much better than your average video conference.

Use it to present a wide range of data in an interactive and aesthetically appealing manner.

Transforming data into knowledge, knowledge into understanding, understanding into decisions and decisions into actions.

Transforming global communications.

Powowvisual collaboration

Powow is at the forefront of enabling the transformation, by developing market-leading, people-friendly, feature-rich video-based collaboration technologies, with strong IP protection.

Innov8nzvisual business directories

innov8nz is a cross-platform visual directory framework which allows you to display your collection of companies, industries, products, or any other collection of data in an interactive and aesthetically appealing manner.

myevidentiavisual business intelligence

myevidentia is a web based visual business intelligence solution. It enables executives to better understand their data by providing them with a visually rich decision support system, with a strong focus on geospatial representation of data.